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The project of the Association of Cultural Research L. da Vinci of Sion (ARCLV) consists of:


1) demonstrating, that the flutes F. 1106r of the CA are usable as designed by Leonardo, in contrast to previous theses presented in the Leonardo3 exhibition in the Museum of Milan. 


2) giving rise to a new musical instrument with unsuspected possibilities, to create a repertoire and to teach it

3) creating an international network of "Fissure Flute Players".

The ARCLV proposes a series of activities to promote this instrument: 

- Conference "Leonardo and music".

held by Enrico Casularo, musicologist
Presentation by the founder of the ARCLV of musical instruments imagined by the Da Vinci genius and of instruments made by the Association of Cultural Research L. da Vinci of Sion (ARCLV).

- Conference "The fissure flutes of L. da Vinci"

held by Anne Kirchmeier-Casularo

Based on the study f. 1106 of the Codice Atlantico: the birth of a new instrument, construction, functioning, sound possibilities, repertoire, and learning of the instrument.

- Concert "Leonardo and the music of his time"

Anne Kirchmeier, fissure flute and recorders

Andrea Coen, harpsichord or organ

- Concert "Birth of a new instrument: Leonardo's fissure flute (1498 /2019)"

Anne Kirchmeier, fissure flute 

Andrea Coen, harpsichord / organ

- Concert "The fissure flute and the Viola organista - two incredible instruments designed by Leonardo da Vinci"

Anne Kirchmeier, fissure flute

Sławomir Zubrzycki, viola organista (photo below) site

Two instruments with opposite characteristics imagined by L. Da Vinci meet in 2022 : a mystical sound complementarity.


- Recital/conference with projection of images:
"The flute in the Valais - natural sounds and melodies"

Anne Kirchmeier, recorders and fissure flutes by L. da Vinci

From the birdsong played with Leonardo da Vinci's fissure flute to the 18th century flute repertoire preserved in the Fonds de Rivaz.


- Duo concert/conference "The recorder's soul - The different shapes of the recorder through the centuries"

Anne Kirchmeier, recorders, czakan and Da Vinci fissure flute

Caroline Emery, recorders and czakan

Journey through the worlds of recorder sound: Bamboo flutes from the Middle Ages; Da Vinci fissure flute (c.1500); J. Schell (Nürnberg, c.1700) "The True Flute" by Th. Stanesby Junior (London, 1732); G.A. Rottenburgh flutes, Brussels; T. Stanesby, (London, c.1750); Czakan Johann Ziegler (Vienna, c.1820)



- Practical trainings to discover the Da Vinci Fissure Flute

(duration to be determined) with loaned instruments. 

For more information, contact

or phone +41 79 695 57 46

Anne Kirchmeier

Flutist, president of the ARCLV and project founder "Da Vinci Fissure flute" project


Instigator of the project to create performable versions of Leonardo da Vinci's recorders, Anne Kirchmeier is a concert performer, recorder and flute teacher at the Conservatory of Sion (Switzerland), and president of the ARCLV Association (Association for Cultural Research L. da Vinci of Sion).


Anne Kirchmeier Casularo studied the recorder, the piano and the harpsichord at the Conservatories of Lausanne, Biel and Berlin. In 1987, she won the "National Contest for Musical Execution" in Riddes, in 1988, she obtained a teaching diploma for the recorder, in 1991, she was awarded a Virtuosity "mit Auszeichnung", and she received a scholarship from the Ernst Göhner Foundation for three consecutive years.
Her music studies brought her to rediscover little-known instruments of the 19th century such as the flageolets and the czakan and to promote them in concerts, seminars and recordings.

She has been invited to perform as a soloist at major international festivals and musical institutions, such as the "Festival Internacional de Musigua Antigua de Daroca", the "Bern Dukaten Konzert" Festival, the "Musica e scienza" Festival, the "Festival Iber Caja", the "Festival Caspar Sanz", the "Festival Flatus", the "Conservatorio Superior de Música de Zaragoza", the "Conservatoire de musique de Neuchâtel", the "Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti musicali di Roma", and the "Musée historique de Lausanne".

She has recorded recitals and has been interviewed several times by Radio Digit, Radio and Suisse Romande Television, Radio Suisse Internationale and Vatican Radio. She has recorded several CDs for Flatus Recording of pieces by B. Marcello, G. Donizetti, L. van Beethoven, L. Chaxelle. She published for Flatus Recording editions the critical edition of Roberto Valentino's pieces of work for recorders and several sonatas for recorders by Venetian composers of the 18th century.
As head of the musical revision department of Flatus Editions, she has contributed to the creation of the "de Rivaz" and "Charles Haenni" collections of unpublished 18th-century works held in the Valais State Archives.


She has taught the recorder at the Cantonal Conservatory of Valais since 1990, and has taught at various international music courses ("Novantica", Frascati, Tuscania, Santulussurgiù - Italy; Sion) and conducted seminars at Swiss and European conservatories: Conservatory of Music of Neuchâtel, Conservatory "Santa Cecilia" of Rome, Higher Conservatory of Music of Zaragoza.

She taught the recorder at the pre-professional level from 2015 to 2019 at the Istituto Nazareth in Rome.

She is committed to developing the creativity and expressiveness of young music students and has created introductory composition workshops for children: "Music in Pictures & Stories in Music" in 2011, as well as the "L. da Vinci Interdisciplinary Creation Workshop" in 2019 for the 500th anniversary of the death of L. da Vinci.

As of 2019, she studies the fissure flute of L. da Vinci.

affiche stage fissure 2021 A4.jpg
Sławomir Zubrzycki, viola organista, A. Kirchmeier, fissure flute, Savièse 2020.jpg
ARCLV viola organista portabile spiegazione galleria Spada 21.06.21.jpg
Anne Casularo Kirchmeier - da Vinci fissure flute -Galleria Spada, Roma 21.06.2021.jpg
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