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Giacomo Andreola, Sondrio

Alongside his studies in social sciences and pedagogy, Giacomo Andreola also studied music, exploring both theoretical and historical aspects of music.
After over twenty years of teaching in elementary school, he has become an expert in applied music didactics and has given ongoing training courses for elementary school teachers, as well as harmony and score reading classes for secondary school teachers.
He has participated for many years in the Corsi Internazionali di Musica Antica of Urbino, specializing in playing Renaissance and Baroque instruments with Maestri Claudio Canevari, Bernard Kreise, Nina Stern and Dalva Jamardo. He has also taken courses in Musical Analysis, Harmony and Counterpoint as well as in the construction of ancient instruments with the harpsichord maker Giorgio Barucchieri.

He attended a course in music therapy in Assisi, and recorder lessons with Nina Stern and baroque oboe lessons with Paolo Grazzi at the Scuola Civica di Milano.
He has taught the course "Listening Training" at the Scuola Civica of Sondrio for several years and has collaborated with the University of the Third Age of Sondrio, giving lectures on the History of Music and on musical instruments.
He has delivered numerous introductory lectures to concerts organized by the Bibiloteca Civica of Sondrio and has given courses on temperaments for the Conservatorio Superiore of Bologna and the Scuola Civica of Milan.

Since 1980, he devoted his work to the reconstruction of ancient instruments, creating virginals and recorder models from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, as well as pipes.
He took the measurements of an ivory Anciuti flute for the Museo della Scala in Milan and built several true copies.
Many of his instruments have been used for CD recordings and in concerts by musicians such as Anne Kirchmeier, Giorgio Matteoli, Antonio Carrilho, Giovanni Antonini, David Bellugi, Andrea Bornstein, Giovanni Toffano, etc.  

He recently completed fissure flutes modeled on Leonardo da Vinci's drawings on commission from the Association of Cultural Research L. da Vinci of Sion

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